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Learn how to become a Startup Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is hard we teach how to asses risks

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We believe that starting a company and growing it is a hard and risky task where you need to be prepared, focused and a bit crazy.


Just like Kitesurfing, in a business,  you need to learn the basics and try and try again before you find the perfect harmony with your team and the market. 


Just like kitesurfing you are going to make mistakes and fall, again and again, until eventually you find the perfect harmony between your body, your board, the wind and the waves, only when you are in perfect harmony and your body and mind becomes one thing with the forces of nature the kite starts working and you feel you are flying above water. 


In a startup company you will be loaded with many things to control, from product development, to market fit, team work, customer care, investors' deals and so on...


And until you find the perfect harmony you will try and try again your company strategies. 


Kitesurf is the new golf for Entrepreneurs but much better because it resembles all the characteristics of risky businesses and is so satisfying. 


At the beginning you are scared, you don’t know what to do, all odds are against you but with the proper training and determination you will make it. 


Kiteboarding changes lives. It just does.

This resilience directly translates over to being a business owner.

As an entrepreneur, resilience is key. Building a business is often about putting out fires every day. Something always pops up. Something always goes wrong. And it’s your job, as the boss, to come up with a solution. Building resilience is a key component to being a strong business owner and leader. Learn to kiteboard and you can take on the world!

It makes you
more Resilient!

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Learning to kiteboard builds your resilience. Things will go wrong and all you can do is deal with the situation. You put one foot ahead of the other in an attempt to just. Keep going.

The Spot

Marsala is internationally famous for a few things: wine, great food, sunsets and wind.  It is the ideal place for digital nomads looking to enjoy life.


In Marsala you will find:


the best Sicilian Food. From Sicilian Fish Cous Cous, to Red Shrimps of Mazara, Granita, Pane e Panelle, Pasta ‘ncasciata, Arancino, Cannoli and much more… Your body, mouth and soul will thank you!

How’s going to play


We will select up to 15 people/startups, the founders are allowed to take with them another person on their accommodation (for the second person only accommodation is included if they want to participate to the workshops and to  the kite lessons we will charge on demand).


From 9:30am to 1pm - Workshops at the

Relais Stagnone on a terrace overlooking the Sea.


In the morning, startuppers will come together at the Relais Stagnone.


Here we will have a series of workshops on Entrepreneurship held by successful Entrepreneurs and Investors. 


You will have the chance to work and network in a very peaceful environment while looking at the stunning view of the Riserva dello Stagnone and the Island of Favignana. 


From 2.30pm to sunset - Kitesurf Lessons


In the afternoon startuppers will experience the thrill of learning to kitesurf. The group will go to Marsala Kiteclub located on the Riserva dello Stagnone, where they will be instructed on how to ride the kite. The conditions of the Riserva dello Stagnone are the best for beginners as the area has constant winds everyday and low waters.


The teams will stay at the Relais Stagnone, the Hotel Relais dello Stagnone in Marsala (Trapani) is  located along the Lagoon of the Stagnone of Marsala, is the ideal place for kitesurfing and for those who love the infinite relaxation of naturalistic landscapes. The view of the rooms is really exciting for the sunsets it is able to give.


You will have a double room and yes you can bring your girlfriend ;)

Some People you will meet




  • Former Minister of Environment, Agricultural and Forestry Policies

  • President of Univerde Foundation

  • Mentor at Growers For Change




  • Senior Manager Trade Republic

  • Former Business Development & Shareholder at Uber

  • Kaufmann Foundation Fellow




  • Head of Banking Saas at Fabrick Banca Sella SPA Group 

  • Startup Consultant 




  • Startup & Open Innovation Consultant at Nana Bianca 

  • Startup Mentor at Grownectia

  • Mentor at Growers For Change




  • Founder and CEO of Albero Air 

  • Growers For Change Alumni

de vitis.jpeg



  • COO @ KRYPTOMON best NFT Project of 2021 

  • Raised more than 10M

  • Startup Bootcamp Amsterdam

Partners & Friends

The Program 



Day 1 - Sunday
Arrival and Check-in

Teams will arrive in Marsala on Sunday and check in at the Hotel Relais Stagnone

On Sunday evening at 8:pm the team will have a welcoming apericena at the Marsala Kite Club

Apply today and get the chance to get selected.
Assess your idea thinking about the Climate Impact it will have on our World. 
The best ideas will be selected and will have the chance to get a scholarship of €1000 deducted from the cost of the program. 
The selected teams will enter the Bootcamp and compete for the podium.
1st Place will get a complete Kitesurf Gear for free and they will enter the
ClimAccelerator Program.

*dates could be subject to change 

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