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Albero Air

Who and Why

AlberoAir is brought to market by Dirac Nanotechnology, an innnovative tech startup that specializes in air purification. Our vision is to restore clean air in our living communities.

The Problem

Air quality is an issue that needs attention now more than ever. Problems linked to pollution such as respiratory disease cause about 4.6 million deaths every year and have a monetary cost over $2 trillion dollars.

Many people don’t realize that indoor pollutants can cause indoor air to be up to five times more concentrated than outdoor air. This is especially alarming considering that the average person spends about 90% of their time indoors.

Conventional air purifiers are dated, most of them

  • simply move the pollution elsewhere

  • are poorly designed and incredibly noisy

  • have no air quality monitoring capabilities

  • require frequent replacement of non-recyclable filters

Market Opportunity

The global air purification market was valued at $10B in 2019 and is expected to grow by nine times to $90B in just six years. The growth in value is going to be especially contributed by the North American and European markets, which will see a market value growth of about eight times.

This is to be expected as we see rapid industrialization of many parts of the world and ramifications of climate change.

The Solution

The fully patented AlberoAir unit is a multi-functional and ultra-efficient air purifier that uses nanotechnology. With a sleek design, the AlberoAir unit can fit in the home and clean the air. Unlike typical air purifiers in market, the AlberoAir does not need filter replacements!

The AlberoAir can be operated from one’s smartphone to adjust between it’s different operating modes and functions.

Revenue Model

We have a simple business to consumer model via our initial product the AlberoAir, which will be priced at €590 EUR. A single product and a single price for the consumer.

Go-To-Market Strategy

We plan to launch sales of the AlberoAir in the EU and North American markets this year. We have a goal of selling 20,000 units by 2023 and generating around $12M in revenue.

Our initial conversion target rate for 2021 is 0.63% which we hope to improve to 1.56% in 2022 and further improve that to 1.65% in 2023.

We also plan to scale along different segments of consumer life and produce AlberoAir units of different sizes for different uses. This will include an AlberoAir Mini and a much larger AlberoAir Space for office and facility use. We also eventually plan to offer an outdoor AlberoAir Urban unit for provincial use.


We obtained our official patent for the AlberoAir in 2020 and since then we were able to successfully complete a crowdfunding campaign to raise $210K USD with 650 units pre-sold.

We also won a grant from the Tuscany region worth $1.5M USD for our innovative enterprise.

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